Chocolate Cream Pie

A rich and luscious Chocolate Cream Pie recipe! It’s made with a tender, flaky blind baked pie crust, a thick and perfectly chocolatey custard pudding filling, then it’s mounded high with billowy whipped cream and garnished with thin and curly chocolate shavings.

It’s supremely delicious and destined to be a highlight of any dinner or celebration!

Close up photo of single slice chocolate cream pie that's made with a homemade pie crust, topped with whipped cream and finished with chocolate curls.

Upgraded Old Fashioned Chocolate Cream Pie

This is one of the dreamiest pies with its trio of layering, its silky smooth texture, and its abundant decadence of chocolate flavor. You’ll find it’s even a step up from the traditional old classic since chopped chocolate is included as well rather than just cocoa powder.

It tastes just like chocolate pudding but in pie form!

Sure during the holidays we all love our fruity pies but some sort of chocolate pie is always a welcome change and definitely deserves a place in the line up. Chocolate lovers will thank you.

It will be savored down to the last creamy topped crumb and may likely become a repeatedly requested tradition each holiday season!

There are a few steps to it, especially if you prepare the homemade pie crust but it’s worth every bit of effort and overall it is a straightforward easy method to follow. A critical step is just that you ensure the filling is thickened well over the stovetop so you’re pie will be firm enough to hold up when sliced.

If you find you are short on time to make this completely from scratch pie you could try my easy chocolate mousse pie instead (then save this recipe for when time allows). It’s super fluffy and equally as tempting!Whole chocolate cream pie decorated with fluffy whipped cream and chocolate curls. One slice is cut from the pie to show the filling.

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